Amateur 18 year old Brooke Van Buuren didn’t make many movies!


Brooke Van Buuren. Amateur barely-legal babe. Directer Billy Watson wants his models to do all the talking, but Brooke’s SO shy she opted out. But that didn’t stop Billy from booking Brooke with one of the biggest perverts on the web — Mr. POV. Brooke’s a total amateur, and this is one of her only scenes ever shot. Being a shy girl doesn’t really mix well with hustling in Porn Valley, so you can imagine Brooke was out just as fast as she got in. Which is to say there’s maybe half a dozen Brooke Van Buuren jerk vids in existence…so yea. Brooke didn’t talk the best, and had trouble making eye contact, but damn, she’s eighteen…so cut her some slack! And enjoy my bro!

Date: May 1, 2024

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