Bobbi Soxxx Gets A Fuck Before Her Wedding Day


Its Bobbi Soxxx’s special day and Michael Kahn is her photographer! This 18 year old bride-to-be looks a little nervous but Michael makes sure to give her the confidence she needs. While taking some extra shots of her amazing wedding dress, Bobbi starts reaching into Michael’s pants! She admits that she wants to be naughty one last time before the big day. Bobbi removes Michaels pants and wraps her delicate lips around his cock. After sucking his cock, she asks him to unzip her dress reveling a perfect tight ass and amazing tits. Bobbi gets on the bed and starts playing with herself tempting Michael in every way she can. After fingering her tight pussy some, Michael decides it’s time for more. Bobbi has some amazing cock sucking skills and she can deep throat like no other! Bobbi hopes on top wrapping her tight pussy around Michael’s big cock, and he’s not complaining! After a few super hot positions, Bobbi takes Michaels load making her special day even more special!

Date: May 1, 2024
Actors: Michael Kahn

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