Gyn games with toothbrush and nettles


The brunette sub comes as a patient to the practice of Dom Gladiator and his submissive assistant. A purely gynecological examination is not present here, because Dom Gladiator goes quite a bit further. Emptying the bladder with an inserted speculum will seem like play to the sub after the complete treatment, Dom Gladiator has come up with a lot for the brunette slave. Cable ties are used here not only to fix the legs, but also to tie off the tits of the sub. The subsequent massage with the electric toothbrush on the sensitive nipples, is immediately much more interesting and stimulating. The first distressing howls sound as the electric toothbrush is held at full speed to the clit of the sub. No escape, no mercy. Again and again Dom Gladiator presses the brush against the sensitive intimate part under whimpering sounds of the sub. The submissive slave can’t stand the torment on the chair for long without begging her Dom. Blindfolded, the sub waits for her next method of examin…

Date: May 1, 2024

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