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Smash Me I Can Take It – S1:E6


Molly Little has gone to get a watermelon from the fridge. As she’s getting ready to slice it, her stepdad Danny Steele, walks in. He’s had the hots for his stepdaughter and he doesn’t try to hide it. He tells Molly that her hands are so small they can barely hold the melon and that they would look good wrapped around his big cock. Molly tries to tell Danny that he can’t say stuff like that to his stepdaughter, then comes back and makes him uncomfortable by moaning that he should smash her.Later that day, Danny finds Molly on the couch in the living room. She blocks his way as he tries to get past and rubs her foot on his dick. He lifts her up and moves her out of the way, which just encourages Molly even more. She starts peeling off her clothes, insisting that her stepdaddy smash her. It takes a bit of coaxing, but eventually Danny can’t take it any longer. He whips out his dick and shoves it home, pounding away at Molly’s tight little twat.Things get rough nice and fast as Danny grabs Molly by the neck as he keeps on pounding her. Her smash dreams continue to come through as Danny winds his fingers into Molly’s hair and has her face fuck his cock. Then he flips her onto her belly and shoves her face into the couch cushion to muffle her moans of delight as he slams her in doggy. Taking a seat, Danny scoops Molly up and drives his fuck stick into her in a reverse cowgirl ride where he controls everything about the pace. Pushing Molly onto her back, Danny gives her one last pussy pounding before pulling out to nut all over her. Under her stepdaddy’s watchful eyes, Molly dredges her fingers through the cum and licks them clean.

Date: January 24, 2024

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